France is one of the safest countries for investment in real estate and Russian buyers are active players in this market. After the Cote d'azur the most popular among Russians is Paris, thanks to the unique combination of ancient and modern life. The capital of France, which is sometimes compared to St. Petersburg, attracted by its rich culture, museums, theatres, educational institutions. The growing popularity and Bordeaux, a region with a Mediterranean climate and is famous worldwide for its wines.

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Элегантная квартира на Круазетт

Квартира в Вильфранш-сюр-Мер

Современная вилла на Кап-Ферра

Дом в Сен-Жан-Кап-Ферра

Особняк в Кап-Ферра

Классическая вилла в Сен-Жан-Кап-Ферра

Вилла в Кап-Ферра

Современная вилла на мысе Антиб

Вилла на Кап д'Антиб

Вилла в Манделье

Поместье в Каннах

Вилла в Супер-Каннах