Every client is different. That is why thoroughly learning what each client values and needs is essential to custom tailoring our services to fit their distinct demands

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Our clients seek the best and most unique opportunities available in the world's most exclusive locations. Whether identifying a highly profitable deal, a rare and prestigious estate, or a property that complies with the client's own special lifestyle requirements, our experience and vast property industry network often enable us to locate such properties before anyone else.If there is a solution available, we find it and make it work.

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Bosco Properties is a leading network, owned and operated by one of Russia’s leading brands: Bosco Di Ciliegi. Launched in 2015, the Bosco Collection comprises over 50 agents operating in partnership from more than 25 real estate offices in the most sought after regions of 17 nations.

Our exclusive clients discover distinctive properties that fulfil their lifestyle and investment demands through our private website's key search criteria:location, lifestyle, recreation and investment value. To be eligible to access our network, clients must be holders of a Gold or Chocolate Bosco Family Card.


Long before Bosco Properties was founded, our team was cultivating the years of personal and professional experience vital to perfectly anticipating and exceeding our clients' needs and whims. This experience is what enables us to be considered among the world's premier real estate operators today.Our worldwide knowledge of the real estate field is grounded in local market expertise that determines the select few agents we liaise with in each unique region.

Privileged Assistance

Bosco Properties clients enjoy elite services and care that make the property acquisition process a delight.
Complimentary Initial Consultation: Unlike other companies, our clients only pay on the successful delivery of their property.
Extensive Property Search: Through our market knowledge and local connections, we often source off-market properties that cannot be found on the Internet or in estate agents' windows.
Evaluate & Present Best Options: We view promising opportunities, then review each option in detail with our clients while setting up viewings as desired.
Advise On Pros & Cons: Following the viewings, we offer clients invaluable insight regarding value for money, suitability, ease of resale, and possible rental value.
Residency & Citizenship ProgrammesLet us guide you through your citizenship and residency program opportunities.

Vision and mission

As a branch of one of Russia's most trusted international brands – the Bosco di Ciliegi Family – we naturally value strong long-term relationships founded on confidentiality and exceptional results.



Anticipating & exceeding our clients' needs and whims


Privileged Assistance

Services & care that make property acquisition a delight


Vision and mission

Long-term relationships founded on results & service

Managing Director

Alessandro Gandini

Degree in Economics from Universita' degli Studi di Parma, Italy
Masters from Bocconi University, Milan, Italy

Vice President of Business Development

Max Pozzoni

International Business Degree from the University of Kansas, USA
MBA from the London Business School, London, UK

Office Manager

Batishcheva Yanika

Economic degree from Donetsk National University,
Ukraine Master degree in enterprise economy


Negotiate & Close: We negotiate the best possible price with the agent/seller
Financial & Banking Assistance: We facilitate structuring purchases through a client's company versus personal name, arrange financing, and set up banking relationships and the moving of money as needed.
Professional Enhancement: We connect clients with leading Solicitors, Chartered Surveyors, Architects, Builders, Interior Designers, Accountants, Mortgage Brokers, Funders and other professionals as needed.
Post Acquisition Service: We can be relied on to handle any property issues that may arise, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We also offer optional ancillary services, including interior design, housekeeping, and property concierge and refreshing service.

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Our immediate commitment is passionately selecting properties in the world's finest locations and providing superior service for our most loyal clients. Our on-going commitment is that our clients will benefit from our continuous cooperation while accessing future investment opportunities.

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From our offices in Moscow and London, the Bosco Properties team works intimately with its international network of premier real estate agents in the world's most exclusive local markets.


The Bosco Properties team works from offices strategically positioned in leading centres of influence in Moscow and London, from which it leverages its international network of premier local real estate agents.

Bosco di Ciliegi

Bosco Properties is part of the larger Bosco Di Ciliegi family of companies founded in 1991.The Bosco Di Ciliegi universe comprises multi-brand shops as well as over 100 mono-brand stores offering high-end footwear, watches, jewelry, and apparel and accessories – from Emporio Armani to Pal Zileri.


The Bosco Properties team specialises in the world's most exclusive luxury home and property investment markets, connecting upscale Russian buyers and investors with elite and rare real estate opportunities.



Elite luxury home & property investment regions



Strategically positioned in centres of influence


Bosco di Ciliegi

Worldwide family of high-end brands, shops & influence



London, 29 welbeck street, W1G 8DA

phone +44 (0) 20 7734 3709




Moscow 3 Red square 109012

phone +7 495 788 42 82



Petrovsky Passage

Moscow 10 Ulitsa Petrovka 107031

phone +7 495 788 42 82



Bosco Di Ciliegi continues to make its brand known in Moscow's historic shopping centres – GUM, Petrovsky Passage, VESNA in Novy Arbat, in Smolensky Passage, and in Hymeney – as well as in St. Petersburg, Samara, Yekaterinburg and Milan. By carrying out annual spring and autumn Fashion Week events, acting as host of the international Chereshnevy Les Open Art Festival, and producing the official sportswear of the Russian Olympic Team, Bosco Di Ciliegi is truly a worldwide presence.

Los Angeles

From the “stars” that line Hollywood Boulevard to the miles of pristine Pacific coastline and near-perfect weather, Los Angeles County is one of the most diverse and desirable locales in all of sun-drenched Southern California. Its signature city of Los Angeles, the City of Angels, is the second most populous in the U.S. and offers plenty of cosmopolitan culture, fashion and entertainment expertly delivered in a distinctive West Coast style.


As one the most secure countries to invest in property, Russians are among the leading group of non-Europeans acquiring upscale French homes. After the Côte d’Azur, the location most popular with Russians is Paris, thanks to its unique blend of old-world charm and modern living. Bordeaux, meanwhile, continues to grow in popularity. Sometimes compared with Paris and St Petersburg, this classic metropolis boasts rich culture – museums, theatre, a university, good schools – and a Mediterranean climate at the heart of one of the world’s most famous wine-producing regions.


Europeans have long appreciated the attractiveness of real estate in Portugal - and for many years now they have acquired "second homes" that reflect our compatriots, they have massively discovered the "edge of Europe" with the launch of the program of "golden visas"; About which region of Portugal it is advisable to buy housing, and how to get the coveted Portuguese residence permit.

Balearic Islands

Russians are among the top nationalities to have discovered Spain's Balearic Islands are a wonderful place to own a home. 26 golf courses. Blue Flag beaches and marinas. Exquisite cuisine, culture and scenery, from high mountain ranges to private beaches with clear blue waters. Adding to the appeal are tight building regulations, designating a significant portion of the land as construction free or UNESCO protected, including Ibiza’s High Town, the Island of Formentera, and Sierra Tramuntana on the most popular of the islands, Mallorca.

French Riviera

Discriminating Russians favour Southern France for second home and investment property purchases. And a villa on the French Riviera remains among the most desirable of luxury home acquisitions, representing a full third of prime market searches in France. Daily flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Nice bring the Mediterranean lifestyle within comfortable reach. 33 marinas. Major yachting destination. 40 kilometers of exceptional beaches. Sailing, diving, biking, jet skiing, sea fishing, free diving. And always under 30 minutes from an exceptional golf course.


A couple weeks vacation spent in Greece is enough to fall in love with this country, once and for all. Its soft climate is so good for your health and its Mediterranean cuisine, famous all over the world. Its unique landscapes are a picturesque combination of mountain ranges covered with thick pine forests and still water of azure sea and its snow white beaches lined up with sun umbrellas made of straw look so inviting on a hot day- all those things look very attractive not only to real connoisseurs, but also to specialists of good property.


Russians love Italy, from the chic Tuscan beach resort of Forte dei Marmi, to the rolling vineyards of Chianti, the cultural heritage of Florence, the Alpine sports and nightlife of Cortina d'Ampezzo, the picturesque Lake Maggiore, the rock-hewn churches of Apulia, and the rich history of Venice and Rome. Whether in Tuscany, around the Italian lakes, or anywhere, Italy means interesting places and strategic property locations. And with the country's real estate market still soft, investors can find winning opportunities while lifestyle seekers can find style and sophistication to spare.


Reaching far beyond its elite status as an international business centre, London is a tolerant metropolis marked by stability, yet with an effervescent property market. A bastion of class, style and distinctive English schools. All increasingly sought out by Russian buyers over the past decade. Steadily growing demand continues to support price appreciation among the city's distinguished properties. No surprise, seeing as London is synonymous with rich culture: world-class theatre, museums, sporting events, shopping and welcoming green spaces that include eight Royal Parks.


Russia's affluent made high profile headlines over the past few years in the popular American city of Miami with their trophy waterfront mansion purchases. Today, many buyers are also acquiring investment condos for income generation at prices relatively low on the international stage. International demand for the city's properties is supported by a bullish perception of the U.S. market, a safe business environment, and a trustworthy legal system strong on property rights. Adding to the attraction is a warm climate matched with an active ocean-side lifestyle.

New York

In a word: iconic. The global economic might of Wall Street. The glitz of Broadway. The beauty of Central Park. The Empire State Building. The shops. The food. The history. New York is a place unto itself. A metropolis of prestige and power infused by a population as diverse as the city itself. New York is also a growing investment haven for wealthy Russians looking for the promise of stable politics, security, market growth and returns, and recovery opportunities. Targeting small but up-scale homes, Russians are among the leading groups of foreign buyers fuelling a rise in property prices.


Sophistication. Stability. Climate. Monaco's irresistible allure explains why entertainment stars, Formula One drivers and Russian billionaires are counted among its inhabitants. Its attractive tax advantages and financial security, meanwhile, explain why one in three are millionaires. Beyond the glamour, decadent lifestyle and prestige of ownership, Monaco represents a safe yet growing luxury property market. Taxes are lower. The economy was unscathed by the economic downturn. Prices doubled in recent years. And essential banking privacy remains intact.


Long before Spain introduced its residency program to appeal to non-EU nationals purchasing second homes, Russians were already acquiring and enjoying some of the country's most exclusive and desirable properties. As were powerful Arab kings and famous celebrities, such as Antonio Banderas. Barcelona: sun-drenched beaches; 2000 years of architecture; the boundless energy of flamenco. Madrid: famously welcoming; buoyant nightlife; masterpieces by Picasso, Dalí and Miró. Andalusia: 300 days of sun; diverse landscapes; the elite Marbella resort sheltered by the Sierra Blanca mountains.


An appealing climate, a promising economy, and a low-risk market come together to create strong demand among Russians for luxury second home and investment property acquisitions along Turkey's welcoming Mediterranean coast. Of particular interest are Bodrum – heavenly beaches, glittering marina, ancient ruins, Ottoman mosques, and the charm of its white-plastered houses with bright-blue trim – and Istanbul – where East meets West, its diverse cuisine, and the famous 'Golden Mile' string of upmarket nightclubs.


Viewed by Russians as a safe haven that's stable, prosperous and private, with an appealing tax environment and legislation to ward off bubbles. Experienced as a rich lifestyle marked by personal security, world-class shopping and cuisine, all-season activities, and exceptional education opportunities. Switzerland has it all. Geneva's lakeside scenery, luxury jewelers and chocolate. Zurich's financial might, pristine waters, and fashion. Lugano's lakefront villas and Italian lifestyle. And the outdoor sports and distractions of upscale Alpine resorts: the glacier village of Grindelwald; St Mortiz; Gstaad; Davos.


High quality of life. Stable economy. Steady growth of property prices. These enviable factors capture Austria in general, but also its exclusive holiday ski resort markets. Russians looking for reliable snow, family runs, expert terrain or the beautiful backdrops of towering mountains find it all here. Among the very best are Kitzbühel (offers gentle runs), Sölden (season runs for most of the year), St Anton (moderate to extreme skiing), and Ischgl (electric but good-natured nightlife with famed parties hosted by the likes of Robbie Williams, Elton John, Bob Dylan, Sting, Mariah Carey and Kylie Minogue).


Fall in love with Aphrodite's isle, where legend has it the goddess of love arose from the waves, and discover ancient UNESCO-listed sites, wonderful beaches and crystal clear waters. Although compact, this attractive island offers a rich variety of landscapes from pine-cladmountains to golden sandy beaches.


Dubai is ranked among the most attractive high-end real estate investment markets and among the world's prime second home markets. Russians, as one of the top group of foreign homebuyers, have favoured the Jumeirah Beach Residence and the Palm Jumeirah artificial island for years. Dubai's modern and cosmopolitan lifestyle is coupled with the emirate's leading role in economic activity and foreign property ownership in the UAE, including stronger laws to protect investors, stricter standards for real estate developers, and proactive regulation to foster sustainable growth.



Prepare to receive the best treatment you could imagine throughout the process of discovering, purchasing and treasuring your new property. We await your contact.

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