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Each person is unique. A careful study of the wants and needs of customer need for real estate selection, suitable to him as an excellent suit made to order.

Our clients seek the best and most unique opportunities available in the world's most exclusive locations. Whether identifying a highly profitable deal, a rare and prestigious estate, or a property that complies with the client's own special lifestyle requirements, our experience and vast property industry network often enable us to locate such properties before anyone else.If there is a solution available, we find it and make it work.

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Bosco Properties is a leading network, owned and operated by one of Russia’s leading brands: Bosco Di Ciliegi. Launched in 2015, the Bosco Collection comprises over 50 agents operating in partnership from more than 25 real estate offices in the most sought after regions of 17 nations.

Our exclusive clients discover distinctive properties that fulfil their lifestyle and investment demands through our private website's key search criteria:location, lifestyle, recreation and investment value. To be eligible to access our network, clients must be holders of a Gold or Chocolate Bosco Family Card.

  • Anticipating & exceeding our clients' needs and whims
  • Services & care that make property acquisition a delight
  • Long-term relationships founded on results & service


Long before Bosco Properties was founded, our team was cultivating the years of personal and professional experience vital to perfectly anticipating and exceeding our clients' needs and whims. This experience is what enables us to be considered among the world's premier real estate operators today.Our worldwide knowledge of the real estate field is grounded in local market expertise that determines the select few agents we liaise with in each unique region.

Privileged Assistance

Bosco Properties clients enjoy elite services and care that make the property acquisition process a delight.
Complimentary Initial Consultation: Unlike other companies, our clients only pay on the successful delivery of their property. 
Extensive Property Search: Through our market knowledge and local connections, we often source off-market properties that cannot be found on the Internet or in estate agents' windows.
Evaluate & Present Best Options: We view promising opportunities, then review each option in detail with our clients while setting up viewings as desired.
Advise On Pros & Cons: Following the viewings, we offer clients invaluable insight regarding value for money, suitability, ease of resale, and possible rental value. 
Residency & Citizenship Programmes: Let us guide you through your citizenship and residency program opportunities.

Negotiate & Close: We negotiate the best possible price with the agent/seller
Financial & Banking Assistance: We facilitate structuring purchases through a client's company versus personal name, arrange financing, and set up banking relationships and the moving of money as needed.
Professional Enhancement: We connect clients with leading Solicitors, Chartered Surveyors, Architects, Builders, Interior Designers, Accountants, Mortgage Brokers, Funders and other professionals as needed.
Post Acquisition Service: We can be relied on to handle any property issues that may arise, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We also offer optional ancillary services, including interior design, housekeeping, and property concierge and refreshing service.

Vision and mission


Vision and mission

As a branch of one of Russia's most trusted international brands – the Bosco di Ciliegi Family – we naturally value strong long-term relationships founded on confidentiality and exceptional results.

Our immediate commitment is passionately selecting properties in the world's finest locations and providing superior service for our most loyal clients. Our on-going commitment is that our clients will benefit from our continuous cooperation while accessing future investment opportunities.